The trauma of a failure, a disappointment, a betrayal, hurts like a physical blow.
Breathless and blinded, you lose all contact with the life you've lived up to that
moment, the life that you had seemed untouchable.
Hold on. As impossible as it may seem, the happiness and security will return, of course ..
will be back! Thousands of voices tell you that .. and speak from experience!

Pam Brown

We can no longer continue to act as a bank to the State which pays us when he wants to "tax and Green Certificates" and wants to taxes and contributions everything at once, we can not wait years to have the permissions, we can not be perpetual uncertainty, our children deserve to at least have the certainty that we have left our Fathers and Nature is tired of only being exploited and polluted.
So I founded the Association SOSESI and Wednesday 1 May 2013, the month and day of Our Lady of the worker / job, I started walking to go around touching all the provinces of Italy in order to better understand and put at the disposal of Italian all, starting with you who read me and those I meet along the way.

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